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Digital photographs analysis in predicting physiologic vertical dimension using a vertical dimension application software

  • Irfan Dammar ,
  • Zulkifli ,


Objective: To determine indirect measurements through digital photographs of the face to predict physiological vertical dimensions and correlation of physiological vertical dimensions measurement directly on faces with indirect measurements through digital photographs of faces.Material and Methods: This was observational analytic with cross sectional study design. The subjects were 50 students of faculty of dentistry, Hasanuddin University who met the inclusive criteria. Measurement of digital photographs was analyzed using Apikal software (Vertical Dimension Application)Results: Kruskal Wallis test on faces and digital photographs obtained p value 0.537 and 0.157 (p > 0.05) respectively, mean the distance in the subnation-gnation (Sn-Gn) and distance from the interpupil line to the lip commissure (IP-Ka and IP-Ki) on the face and digital photographs did not have significant differences. From pearson correlation test, obtained p = 0.000 (p < 0.05) mean there was correlation between manual measurements with Apikal measurements on IP-Ka, IP-Ki, and Sn-Gn reference points with r values of 0.703, 0.711, 0.800 respectively, which means the correlation is strong and positive.Conclusion: Measurement of physiological vertical dimensions indirectly on digital photographs can be used to predict physiological vertical dimensions using apikal software and there is a significant correlation between direct measurements on the face and indirectly on digital photos with strong correlation and positive values.


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