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The effect of addition of hydroxyapatite from skipjack tuna (katsuwonus pelamis) fish bone flour to the transverse, impact, and tensile strength of heat cured acrylic resin


Objective:This study aims to determine the effect that occurs when heat cured acrylic resin is added hydroxyapatite which is synthesized from skipjack fish bones.Material and Methods: This study using 27 samples of heat cured acrylic resin for each mechanical strength divided into 3 groups, namely groups with the addition of 0%, 2%, and 5% hydroxyapatite from the weight of the polymer.Results: The analysis showed a significant decrease in transverse strength with 5% addition of hydroxyapatite group (One-way Anova test, p = 0.001), a significant decrease in impact strength occurred in both groups of 2% and 5% addition of hydroxyapatite (One-way Anova test, p = 0.000), and also the addition of 2% & 5% hydroxyapatite caused a significant decrease in tensile strength (One-way Anova test, p = 0.018).Conclusion: Hydroxyapatite synthesized from skipjack fish bone affects the mechanical strength of acrylic resins, namely transverse, impact and tensile.


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Hapsari, D. N., Wardani, S. C., Firdausya, W. A., Amaturrohman, K., & Wiratama, H. P. (2020). The effect of addition of hydroxyapatite from skipjack tuna (katsuwonus pelamis) fish bone flour to the transverse, impact, and tensile strength of heat cured acrylic resin. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science, 5(2), 94–97.




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