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Prevention of aerosol transmission in dental preparation during the corona virus (covid -19) pandemic facing the new normal

  • Andi Sumidarti ,


Objectives: To prepare for the needs of facing the new normal era in dental practice, especially in aerosol transmission for dental conservation treatment.Methods: Literature review method. Literature searches are obtained from several literature study sources related to the topics to be discussed.Results: The spread of COVID-19 infection could be through aerosol transmission generated during dental conservation treatment.Conclusion: Special precautions are considered to be effective during dental care procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic facing the new normal era.


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Sumidarti, A. (2021). Prevention of aerosol transmission in dental preparation during the corona virus (covid -19) pandemic facing the new normal. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science, 6(2), 71–74.




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