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MTA apical plug in non-vital permanent tooth with an open apex: A case report


Objective: This case report aimed to describe a case of a post-core-crown restoration in an anterior tooth that had been endodontically treated with a direct monobloc technique using a composite resin material. Methods: After root canal treatment on tooth 11, a post cavity was made in the root canal with a diameter of 1 mm and a length of 5 mm. The post cavity was then filled with dual-cure resin cement and light-polymerized. Next, the core build-up is carried out using the same material, and crown preparation is carried out with a circumferential chamfer margin. The crown was made with direct composite resin materials with the aid of a silicone key to create a palatal enamel wall and then proceeded with the bilaminar technique until the crown was finished. Results: Three months' follow-up showed that the restoration was still in good condition and could function optimally. Conclusion: Post-core-crown restoration using direct monoblock technique using composite resin material shows good results and is aesthetically acceptable after three months of follow-up. Keywords: Endodontically treated tooth, Post-Core-Crown, Monoblock

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Dwiandhany, W. S., Andi GZN. Zaelan, Juni J. Nugroho, Nurhayaty Natsir, & Noor Hikmah. (2023). MTA apical plug in non-vital permanent tooth with an open apex: A case report. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science, 8(2).




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