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Prosthetics management of odonto-onycho-dermal dysplasia pediatric patient: A case report


Objective:  This case report discussed the treatment pediatric patients with OOOD require extensive prosthetic treatment and required collaboration between professionals. Methods: A 12-year-old male patient was referred from the pediatric dentistry department with complaints that his of teeth had not eruptingerupted after extraction. Intraoral examination showed that only eruptions occurred exclusively in teeth 55,14,24,25,65,32,34,37,42,43,44,47 eruptions. In this case, intraoral and extraoral examinations, radiographs, impressions of the maxillary and mandibular jaws, and denture makingdenture-making procedures (including such as makingthe fabrication of a regular  denture) were performed. Results: After 3 months of wearing the removable denture, the maxillary left and right molars were visibly erupted, and the removable denture was then perforated in that area. A month later, the mandibular premolars also erupted, but surgical exposure was performeddone to accelerate the eruption of the teeth. Conclusion: The delayed eruption of teeth in children due to ectodermal dysplasia is a multifaceted condition. Consequently, for optimal results, interdisciplinary therapy is recommended.

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Nurrahma, R., Syahrir, S., Ikbal, M., Machmud, E., Irfan Dammar, Acing H. Mude, Ike D. Habar, Ulfa, L., Wahyuni, N., & Bazira, A. (2023). Prosthetics management of odonto-onycho-dermal dysplasia pediatric patient: A case report. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science, 8(3), 196–199.




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