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Penatalaksanaan chronic atrophic candidiasis pada pasien gigitiruan lepasan


Chronic atrophic candidiasis is the pathologic changes on the oral mucous of thedenture wearers, accompanied with erythematous under the denture, usuallyasymptomatic and relates to the yeast of Candida. The irritation factors of chronicatrophic candidiasis are ill fitting denture, using the denture at night and bad oralhygiene. This is a case report of chronic atrophic candidiasis on patient usingremovable denture without systemic disease. The trigger factors were using denture atnight, mistaken of cleaning the denture and dental calculus surround the artificialteeth of denture. Final diagnosis is based on anamnesis, clinical examination andmicrobiology examination. Therapy given was a topical antifungal appliedcontinuously for 7 days after the clinical signs dissapear. The patient was suggested tonot using the denture at night, maintain the cleanliness of the denture regularly andscaling the teeth. It can be concluded that management of chronic atrophiccandidiasis is based on the oral lesion condition, oral hygiene, wearing denture atnight, and the systemic condition.


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Apriasari, M. L., & Soebadi, B. (2016). Penatalaksanaan chronic atrophic candidiasis pada pasien gigitiruan lepasan. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science, 8(2), 95–103.




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