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Perbaikan estetik gigi anterior yang protrusi dengan gigitiruan imidiat yang disertai dengan alveolektomi interseptal


Generally, the treatment of immediate partial denture has the objective of enhancingthe aesthetics of the condition and position of protrusive anterior teeth that wouldimprove the appearance. Case study was carried out on 16-years-old female patientwith overjet far from normal that obstruct closing of the lips. The patient’s profilelooks convex with the labial maxilla protrudes and a clear undercut in anteriorregion. The diagnosis of patient was dentoalveolar protrusion along with multiplediastema, malocclusion class II division I of skeletal relation that caused by localizedaggressive periodontitis. The treatment was construction of immediate partial denturewith immediate extraction of maxillary anterior teeth accompanied with interseptalalveolectomy. Control was done 24 hours, three days, and seven days after insertion.Aesthetics, occlusion, articulation, retention dan stabilization looked very good.


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Habar, I. D. (2010). Perbaikan estetik gigi anterior yang protrusi dengan gigitiruan imidiat yang disertai dengan alveolektomi interseptal. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science, 9(1), 21–28.




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