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Description of condyle trabecular bone density of hypertension patients evaluated from panoramic radiograph using software imageJ


Objective: The purpose of this research is to find condyle trabecular bone density of hypertension patients evaluating from panoramic radiograph using software imageJ.Material and Methods: The type of research is descriptive using purposive sampling method, 25 panoramic radiographs of hypertension patients aged 25-45 years old are obtained. The condyle trabecular analysis is done using software ImageJ with region of interest (ROI) 50×50 pixel.Results: This shows that the condyle trabecular bone density of hypertension patients evaluated from panoramic radiograph using software ImageJ in trabecular area 29.929% and marrow area 70.071%.Conclusion: This research is that the condyle trabecular on hypertension patients evaluated from panoramic radiograph using software ImageJ was decreasing.


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Gwen, M. R., Firman, R. N., & Pramanik, F. (2020). Description of condyle trabecular bone density of hypertension patients evaluated from panoramic radiograph using software imageJ. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science, 5(2), 77–81.




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