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Thickness cortex mandible on Toraja viewed from women's groups radiographic panoramic


Objective: This study aims to collect data on the mandibular cortical thickness of the woman inhabitants in the Toraja tribe.Material and Methods: The subjects of this study that underwent panoramic radiography were vulnerable women aged 45-90 years from the Toraja tribe. The technique used to assess cortical thickness was the measurement Mental Index (MI) by panoramic radiography. Results: MI detected a reduction in bone mass density in elderly women using panoramic radiography. Conclusion: Osteoporosis can be detected by measuring the MI using panoramic radiographs. This has been developed to detect osteoporosis.


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Rieuwpassa, I. E., & Asmawati, A. (2018). Thickness cortex mandible on Toraja viewed from women’s groups radiographic panoramic. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science, 3(1), 41–45.




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