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The speech ability on maxillary denture wearer: a systematic review


Objective: Getting information about on influence of denture bases design on speech ability on maxillary denture wearer.Methode: Electronic search in PubMed and Wiley online library databases to find articles that were published in last 20 years; between January 1998 to December 2017 with keywords “denture bases†and “speechâ€. The articles were then selected by reviewing the title and abstract.Result: The initial search obtained 52 articles. Then selected by involving the inclusion criteria. Finally, it gain 2 articles only that suitable with the inclusion criteria.Conclusion: Speech ability is usually not the main complain of denture wearer. Subjects with inappropriate design of the prosthetic base, disposition of artiï¬cial teeth and functional quality (retention, support, stability) have dyslalia when pronunciation of separate phonemes is changed.


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Muchtar, M., & Habar, I. D. (2018). The speech ability on maxillary denture wearer: a systematic review. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science, 3(1), 1–4.




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